Enjoy a piece of pristine Swedish nature in Glämsta.

During the first Beit Makhshava retreat, 10 participants will be invited for one week to Glämsta, Sweden, to share ideas, learn from each other and put their thoughts into writing. The first Beit Makhshava retreat is scheduled for the summer 2014.

The topic for the first retreat is:

Rethinking European identity and citizenship from a Jewish perspective

Discussion around this topic will focus around two main questions:

1. To what extent the Jewish European experience of transnational communities can provide a model for new ways of conceiving identity and citizenship in an increasingly post-national Europe? 

2. What can the Jewish sources teach us about how to face the current challenges that Europe is confronting as a result of greater integration and globalization?

By the end of the retreat, the participants are expected to write a document that reflects the insights they reached during the week. The document will provide the basis to take the discussion further into Jewish communities and the general public through workshops and other outreach events such as Limmud.

A program for the first retreat will be announced in due time. We aim to create a pleasant environment in which participants have time to enjoy their stay and the opportunity to reflect and discuss about relevant topics. The aim of the program is to facilitate a balance between work, rest and leisure. Some of the planned activities are:

–       Chavruta

–       Small and plenary discussions

–       Writing sessions

–       Outdoor activities in nature

–       Talks with inspiring guests

–       Oneg shabbat

Looking forward to hear from you!