About Us

Some people like to think inside tanks. But tanks are sealed, shut from the outside world. We rather think as we live, in houses and homes, with their doors open for people to come in and out and their windows to see what is going on around us. This is why Beit Makshava is a “house of thought” rather than a think tank.

Beit Makhshava is an independent project providing a platform to:

1)   discuss European current affairs from a Jewish perspective

2)   share the fruits of our work with the general public

We believe that Jewish European culture – past and present – can make significant contributions to the current debates about the future of Europe in an increasingly globalized world. Jewish thought and ideas are an essential part of the fabric of European culture and Beit Makhshava aims at renewing this connection through original thinking.

To achieve its goals, Beit Makshava organizes a 7-day retreat with 10 participants previously selected through an application process. Each retreat will be devoted to a specific topic. During the retreat, participants will have a chance to discuss the topic in depth and to formulate their own conclusions in a document. This document will later provide the basis for the outreach activities organized by Beit Makhshava.

Beit Makhshava has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Gabriel Urwitz and the Clas Groschinsky Memorial Fund.